Methods of soap making

There are four methods of soap making:

Melt & Pour - melted pre-made blocks of glycerin soap and add your own fragrance.  These are often the shaped translucent soaps you see. 

Cold Process - making soap from scratch with oils and lye without an added heat source. Soaps are then cured for four-six weeks. Creates a very mild soap bar. 

Hot Process - a variation of cold process where the soap is actually cooked.  Less curing time is needed. 

Rebatching/Hand Milled Soap- grinding up bars of either hot or cold process soap, adding milk or water, and re-blending them. Works well for delicate essential oils. 

Cold process soap making is my area of expertise. They all have benefits and ALL are typically better than commercial soap bars, some better than others. In the next few blog posts I will demonstrate each and provide you will information about each.